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Greimann Accu-Spray a family owned company focused on quality Agricultural and Industrial manufacturing and sales. We manufacture the Simplift and the Auto Belt Tensioning Motor Mount plus we also sell Air King air cleaning systems.

Simplift is a adapter kit to convert a hand crank winch to hydraulic, the kit consists of hydraulic motor, valving to run at proper speed, and brackets and adaptors to mount on your winch (you will need to supply brand and model of your winch) hoses and fittings are not supplied. The motor is held on with a pin so you can remove motor quickly, and by mounting Stabilizing bracket and Crank adaptor on other winches you can move motor to other winches.

Our Auto Belt Tensioner Motor Mount can be mounted on any existing motor mount ( you will need longer belt). Our patented spring scissors will automatically adjusts your belt tension, plus by simply removing belt and 2 pins you can remove motor in minutes. Motor Mounts are sold by the size motor you want to put on it.
Air King air filtration units are a leader in the industry their simple design removes welding smoke, dust, diesel exhaust (does not remove gases) and more. Options you can add include a Gauge to keep track of filter life, Carbon filters to absorb fumes and ultraviolet light to help with fumes and purify air.
All products are made in Iowa and have 2 year warranty.

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